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Sint'ex srl established in 1993 and since then we have dealt with import & export customs documents.
Our operative head office is located in Campo di Trens, at Sadobre Customs Post, near the border between Italy and Austria.
Over the years, we have developed partnership and mutual trust with the Customs. Our company goal is customer’s satisfaction, so we offer fast, accurate and constantly updated services, availing ourselves of high-qualified administrators and partners.


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AEO Certificate


Since 2014, we own the Authorized Economic Operator's status,
which involves important advantages that we can resume as follows:

  • Reduced controls for import operations
  • Reduced Customs border controls
  • Faster shipments, therefore lowered costs
  • CCompetitive advantage over rivals thanks to the prestige of being an AEO certified operator

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 9001

Since 2015 we own the ISO 9001 certificate of conformity, an international standard recignized for quality management of any organization that intends simultaneously to respond:

  • To the need of increasing efficiency of internal processes, as an organizational tool for achieving its goals
  • To the growing competitiveness in markets by improving customer’s loyalty and satisfaction